The HR Club of the Department of Human Resource Management conducted an online workshop on “Strengthening the online learning environment during the covid 19 pandemic” for the Faculty of Business Studies undergraduates on 18th of May 2021 from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. Around 71 students from the Faculty of Business Studies actively participated in this event. DR. Sanduruwan Bandara Herath, the Consultant Anaesthetic and intensivists at district general hospital Mullaitivu and DR. Dhanoja Wijesinghe, the Consultant Psychiatrist at district general hospital, Mullaitivu were the Resource persons for this event.

The main objectives of this webinar:

  1. Helping the students to manage their stress and reducing covid 19 anxiety.
  2. Guiding students to prepare themselves for the online learning environment.
  3. Encouraging the students towards active participation during the online learning process.

DR. Sanduruwan Bandara Herath preceded the first session of this workshop, and in this session, a clear understanding of the Online learning environment was given by him. At the end of this session, the students have gained knowledge on creating a conducive online learning environment to help them in their learning progress. The next session was on Stress Management, and this was conducted by DR. Dhanoja Wijesinghe. From this session, the students gained a comprehensive understanding of the concept of stress, and the students were given guidance to manage their stress effectively. The participants were actively taking part in the discussions and raising their doubts, and the resource persons were enthusiastically clarifying the doubts of participants. Overall, the session was both informative and exciting, and it could be observed that most of the participants of this workshop find it useful not only for their learning but also for managing their personal life as well. The webinar ended at 8.45 pm successfully