Street drama
The HR Club organized a captivating street drama as a social activity within the university premises. The theme, “Ini Oru Vidhi Seivom” , revolved around promoting a non-drug lifestyle. Through this engaging performance, the club aimed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of drugs and inspire positive choices among the students and staff.
Coconut Kulukki Juice Stall
The Coconut Kulukki Juice Stall event held near the BS Canteen on 16th August 2023 was a delightful and refreshing experience that brought a tropical twist to the campus. Organized by the HR Club, in collaboration with the HR Club and the Department of Human Resource Management (HRM) under the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) at university of vavuniya, the event aimed to provide a natural and delicious treat to beat the heat.
Event Highlights:
The event featured a vibrant and inviting setup, adorned with palm leaves and coconuts to set the tropical ambiance. The stall proudly displayed Notice and tender coconuts creating a sense of excitement and anticipation among attendees.
Refreshing Treats:
From 12.30 PM onwards, the stall started serving up its star attraction – the coconut kulukki juice. Made from fresh and natural coconuts, the juice provided a cool and rejuvenating experience for all participants. The combination of the coconut’s sweetness and the tangy hint of added flavors created a delightful taste that instantly transported attendees to a tropical paradise.
Community Engagement:
The event saw a remarkable turnout, with students, faculty members, and staff coming together to enjoy the treats. It provided an excellent opportunity for members of the HR Club, the HRM Department, and the wider campus community to interact, share conversations, and connect over a shared love for coconut kulukki juice.
Social Media Buzz:
The event successfully leveraged social media, with attendees using the event hashtags to share their experiences and pictures on various platforms of the Club such as FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube channel. This digital engagement further amplified the event’s reach and created a buzz both within the campus and beyond.
The Coconut Kulukki Juice Stall event was a resounding success, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for all participants. The collaboration between the HR Club, the HRM Department, and the FBS at University of Vavuniya demonstrated the power of community engagement and the ability to bring people together through shared interests. The event not only quenched attendees’ thirst but also left them with lasting memories of tropical goodness.
As the sun set on the event, the smiles on the faces of participants reflected the success of the Coconut Kulukki Juice Stall, making it a memorable highlight on the campus event calendar.
Outdoor activities
The HR Club undertook outdoor beautification by planting trees to add greenery and a natural touch. They also placed decorative stones on the right side of the faculty area to enhance the overall appearance and create a visually appealing outdoor space.
Indoor activities
The HR Club organized various indoor decorative activities in the HR department. They created engaging bulletin boards with motivational quotes, organized desk decoration contests, and hosted DIY craft sessions to make personalized office accessories. Additionally, they designed a relaxation corner with plants and soothing artwork to create a more inviting and comfortable workspace for employees. They used mud pots with water for a soothing ambiance, created name boards for a personalized touch, and decorated the HOD room to enhance its aesthetics and atmosphere.
The Grooming Noon
The HR Club of the Department of HRM at the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Vavuniya, organized a grooming noon event for both females and males. The event was held on 19th July, 2023 at the Sabaratnam Block of the Faculty of Business Studies from 1.30 to 4.30 p.m. The purpose of this event is to make everyone groomed and make them pleasant with their good looking.
Services Offered:
The customers who attended the grooming noon event were offered a range of beauty services. For females, the services included cleanup & threading, facials, hair spa, hair cut & hair care, and waxing. For males, the services included are haircut and hair styles. ‘Suji & Raji’ Beauticians from Vavuniya offered services for females and ‘Kiravun Salon’ from Vavuniya provided services for males.
Event Details:
The grooming noon event was held in a convenience hall with ample seating arrangements for the customers. The clients were greeted by the HR Club members and were escorted to their seats. The seating arrangements were separately arranged for males and females. The beauticians and the salon barbers then consulted with each client to understand their requirements and offered customized beauty services accordingly.
The event was well-organized, and the clients were served promptly. The HR Club members ensured that the clients were comfortable throughout the event. The beauticians were professional and skilled in their work and the clients were satisfied with the services provided.
The grooming noon event was end up with success. The clients who attended the event were provided with excellent beauty services that left them feeling confident and radiant. The event was well-organized. Overall, it was a great initiative by the HR Club to provide such services to the students and staff of the university and enhanced the event management skill of the students and improved the coordination among the batches.
Web-Based Job Bank
Job bank under the name of “University of Vavuniya Smart Jobs” was officially launched by the HR Club, Department of HRM on 7th of June 2023 at 208th faculty board, by Dean, of the Faculty of Business Studies, Head of the Department, Prof.V.Sivalogathasan and Senior Treasurer of the HR Club for the job seekers and the employers who are looking for the new recruitments to speed up the process in finding new opportunities.
The primary purpose of the Web- Based Job Bank is initiating to carry out series of activities that enrich students’ exposure in the job market. The activities expected to be carried out by this website to provide a platform where the employer and potential candidates can meet each other and this Job Bank caters the students’ personal and professional paths to construct the basement to achieve their career objectives.
Diet for life, an exclusive interview

The HR Club conducted an exclusive online interview on “Diet for life.” on 10th May 2023 from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm via zoom. DT. F. S. Shamil Fowzad, Clinical Nutritionist, Base Hospital, Kalmunai North was invited as the Resource Person for the event.  The objectives of the interview were to encourage a communicative, collaborative and collegial through activities, giving a clear knowledge about diet and its practices, giving understandings on how to follow a proper diet plan in reality for a better life and clarifying doubts on practicing diet in life. The program was an interactive session. All were actively participated. Also, time was given for question and discussion session for the audience. They clarified their all doubts regarding diet. The interview was successfully completed with the full cooperation of all the students, members and staff of the Human Resource Management department of the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Vavuniya.

Vehicle Washing

Vehicle wash event was conducted as one of the HR club’s activities in 2023. This event was held on 22nd of February 2023 from 12.30 Noon – 5.30 P.M. •   The main purpose of this project is to generate fund for the future activities of the HR Club, Faculty of Business Studies. Further, through this event the students were able to active engage in the activities and boost their team coordination. This event also gave an opportunity to motivate students through extra outdoor activities for a different exposure and to bring out the students’ personality and form a great platform to practice tolerance, building friendship and teamwork. University staff also got our service and the outsiders also extended their support and this program was successfully completed with the full cooperation of everyone.

Webinar on “Creating Professional Documents using Microsoft Word, an Express drive.”

The HR Club conducted a webinar, titled “Creating Professional Documents using Microsoft Word, an Express drive.” on 4th February 2023 from 9.00 a.m to 12. 00 noon via zoom. Mr. M. Mohammed.Shiraj, Senior Lecturer in Information Technology, Department of Management, Faculty of Management & Commerce, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka was invited as the Resource Person for the event. Through this webinar, the participants were able to gain understanding on creating the professional documents using Microsoft Word, gained the idea about the importance of Creating Professional Documents using Microsoft Word in the cooperate range and able to clarify the doubts in the preparation of Creating Professional Documents using Microsoft Word with the less time consuming.

Documentary short film competition

The HR Club conducted documentary short film competition (open) on 10th of December 2022 and it was given one month duration to collect the short films. We received 12 documentary short films and sent those for the evaluation process to Mr.A.M.Ashfaque,  Freelance Film maker and Researcher. Following short films are awarded.

  • First place for “Viramana” by Gavindu Deesura from Kalutara.
  • Second place for “The face” by Pathum Mahagama from Nuwara-Eliya.
  • Third place for “Tea” or “Coffee” by Gavindu Deesura from Kalutara.

A webinar on CV Preparation and Interview Etiquette

A webinar on CV preparation and Interview Etiquette was held on 09th of November 2022 via zoom which was organized by the HR Club, Faculty of Business Studies.  Tharindu Weerasinghe, Senior Lecturer, Department of HRM, Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies, University of Kelaniya served as the resource person. The webinar supported the students to learn how to prepare the CV and to face job interviews.

Bus Halt Painting and Drawing

The project was conducted on 18th of June 2022. The project was successfully completed with the full cooperation of all the students, members and staff of the HR Club of the Department of Human Resource Management with the aim of creating a partnership with students, faculty and staff and providing a mean for community engagement.

HR Club Part Time Job Opportunities

HR Club is creating a path for the Faculty of Business Studies Students to engage in the part time job opportunities. We started this in collecting CV from the students from the first week of April 2022 and still continues. Presently some students are involving in computer typing, packing, handcrafts, conducting classes.

Time to Think Let us prevent the Air Pollution

The HR Club conducted a sustainable community development programme “Time to Think, let us prevent the Air Pollution”, on the 14th of July 2021, which insists on the importance of preventing air pollution and safeguarding the future generation. Around 60 students from the faculty, actively participated in this event. This In-door Tree planting campaign aims to address the multitude of issues associated with air pollution and restore the oxygen level at a considerable rate. Through this tree planting campaign, the HR club was able to attain the outcomes such as a learning opportunity to get youngsters involved in the environment and conservation of our natural resources.
The members of HR Club planted the in-door plants including English ivy, Pot mom, Gerbera daisy, Holy basil, Aloe vera, Bamboo pal, Snake plant which are suggested by NASA as high Oxygen generators in their home gardens to raise awareness and consciousness about the environment among the masses.

Webinar on “strengthening the online learning environment during the COVID 19 pandemic”

The HR Club conducted an online workshop on “Strengthening the online learning environment during the COVID-19 19 pandemic” for the Faculty of Business Studies undergraduates on 18th of May 2021. Around 71 students from the Faculty of Business Studies actively participated in this event. DR. Sanduruwan Bandara Herath, the Consultant Anesthetic and intensivist at district general hospital Mullaitivu and DR. Dhanoja Wijesinghe, the Consultant Psychiatrist at district general hospital, Mullaitivu, were the Resource persons for this event.
DR. Sanduruwan Bandara Herath preceded the first session of this workshop, and in this session, a clear understanding of the online learning environment was given by him. At the end of this session, the students have gained knowledge on creating a conducive online learning environment to help them in their learning progress. The next session was on Stress Management, and DR. Dhanoja Wijesinghe conducted this. From this session, the students gained a comprehensive understanding of stress, and the students were given guidance to manage their stress effectively. Overall, the session was both informative and exciting, and it could be observed that most of the participants of this workshop find it useful not only for their learning but also for managing their personal life as well.

Workshop on “Improving Presentation Skills”

A workshop on “Improving Presentation Skills” was conducted by the HR Club on 24.02 2021 at the Balakrishnan Block. Ms. M. R. F. Aqeela Ijas, Lecturer (Probationary) in HRM, was the resource person, and Human Resource Management specialization students have participated. This workshop’s primary objective is to enhance the ability of the students to do the presentation effectively. The workshop focused on how to prepare an effective presentation and which kinds of follow-ups should be carried out to make a presentation more appealing. The students were provided with knowledge on do’s and don’ts while preparing a presentation.