The Department of Human Resources Management (HRM) was established on March 18, 2021, together with five other Departments of the Faculty of Business Studies, with the goal of aligning degree programs with employment market developments and expectations. The commencement of the HRM honors degree has become a new inspiration among the Faculty of Business Studies undergraduate students, as evidenced by the increased number of students enrolled in the Human Resource Management specialization from 2015 to 2021.

HR being identified as one of the most crucial functions in a company, we want to develop graduates who have the knowledge, skills, and competences to become successful HR professionals. Our purposefully calibrated curriculum covers all aspects of HRM, taking into account both the theoretical and practical components of HRM, as well as the most recent HRM developments. We take endeavors to integrate and engage with the industry in order to provide our students with much-needed industry exposure. Mentoring, counselling, guest lectures, industry tours, problem-based learning, and internships are all examples of this.

The Department of Human Resource Management (HRM) establishes its position as the major line Department of the Faculty of Business studies and its goal is to retain and improve this status, as well as to become a well-respected university department in all aspects.