Faculty Milestones

Way forward – 2023

 Institute of Project Management Studies will be Established  Master of Business Administration Degree will be commenced  Master of Project Management Degree will be commenced


♦ Five training and placement cells were established in five departments ♦ Information Technology Services Unit was established. ♦ Two new honours degree programs in Banking and Insurance and Entrepreneurship were introduced. ♦ MOUs signed with Project Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Institute of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka, Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka, hSenid Business Solutions PLC, and Suleco (pvt) Ltd. ♦ Introduced PRANA Financial Aid by the Faculty Alumni ♦ Introduced Faculty Level Annual Awards; Academic Research Excellence Award, Best Research Student Awards, Best Entrepreneurial Award of Wanni Region, and Best Performing Student Clubs Awards.  


 The new five departments namely; Project Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Business Economics and Management and Entrepreneurship were established by abolishing the existing department of Economics and Management.  Alumni Association of the Faculty of Business Studies was established.  Student clubs were established, namely, accounting and finance, business economics, human resource management, marketing management, and project management.


 3rd RCBS was conducted in both physical and virtual modes. Mentoring system was introduced for students.  MOU was signed between Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) and Department of Economics and Management  First Faculty bi-annual newsletter was published.


 Bachelor of Business Management Honours in Project Management was commenced.  The faculty has obtained A grade in the Program Review conducted by the Quality Assurance Council, UGC.


 Department of English Language Teaching was established under the Faculty.  2nd Research Conference on Business Studies (RCBS-2018) was conducted.  Journal of Business Management (JBM) Volume 01 issue 1 was published.


 BBM curriculum was revised for the third time in accordance with Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF).


 1st Research Conference on Business Studies (RCBS2016) was conducted.


 A new three-year degree programme of BBM in Project Management was commenced from the academic year 2015/16.  1st Students’ Forum was organized on the theme of “Understanding Domestic Business Context”


 MOU was signed with the SLIM.  A new specialization of BBM Honours in Human Resource Management was introduced from the academic year 2013/2014.


 The curriculum was revised for the second time based on the suggestions made by the Subject Review teams of the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council (QAAC).  A new specialization of BBM Honours in Business Economics was introduced.


 Industry Community Interaction Cell of the Vavuniya Campus (ICICVC) was established and short courses and community outreach programs were conducted through this cell.


 The BBM curriculum was revised for the academic year 2003/2004 and students were given opportunity to follow specializations in Accounting and Finance and Marketing Management


 The Faculty has started to offer BBM Degree (Four-year degree) with the two specializations: Accountancy & Finance and Management.


 Direct intake to the faculty was taken place for the academic year 1997/1998 and three-year Bachelor of Accountancy and Finance, and Management degrees were offered.


 Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna was established by elevating NPAUC.  Faculty of Business Studies was established.