Career Guidance Cell

Many organizations in Sri Lanka such as universities, schools, vocational training institutions, youth service centres, government ministries, and private sector institutions are involved in the provision of career guidance at present. The UGC Circular No.819 provides guidelines on “Establishment and Operation of Career Guidance Units in Universities” to empower the undergraduates to set their career in the right track. The emphasis of career guidance services at universities is on placement at employment generally relevant to the area of study and the specific skills acquired. 

What is “Career Guidance”?

It is a comprehensive, developmental program designed to assist individuals in choosing their educational and occupational pathways. In simple words, it is a journey on which people develop to make mature and informed decisions.

What we are offering you?

  • Facilitating the young persons’ transition from school to university
  • Counselling and advising on careers
  • Employability skills development
  • Career-related information provision
  • Networking with the industry
  • Availing work experience
  • Graduate placement
  • Integration of career guidance within curricula in the form of instructional modules
  • Entrepreneurship and development
  • Training, research and development

Composition of Members

Mr. S. A. Jude Leon / Coordinator and Advisor
Ms. S. Mathivathany / Member
Mr. G. R. M. Gamlath / Member
Mr. T. Selvamalai / Member
Mr. S. Harikaran / Member
Ms. S. Thevaka / Member
Ms. K. Kajanthy / Member


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