Workshop on Strategic Planning Review

The workshop on Strategic Planning Review of the Faculty of Business Studies was held on 17th December, 2020 at the Faculty board room. Dr.Y. Nanthagopan, the Chairperson of Strategic Planning and Monitoring and Mr.S.Thirugnanasampanthar, the Coordinator, were the resource persons in this workshop. The Chair introduced the objectives of the workshop and progress review of the Strategic actions during the year of 2020. The aim of this workshop is to manifest the following outcomes:  Reviewing and Refining the Strategic plan, Revise the Objectives and Strategies, identify new strategies and Ensure the Strategic Alignment and Strategic fit. The chair also obtained stakeholders’ perceptions, new ideas, strategies activities to be incorporated to the goals of the strategic planning through thematic group discussions of the participants. There were 25 stakeholders including the staff from the Faculty participated in this workshop.