Tree plantation awareness programme Time to Think Let us prevent the Air Pollution by the Human Resource club

The HR Club conducted a sustainable community development programme “Time to Think, Let us prevent the Air Pollution”, on the 14th of July 2021, which insists on the importance of preventing air pollution and safeguarding the future generation. Around 60 students from the faculty, actively participated in this event. This In-door Tree planting campaign aims to address the multitude of issues associated with air pollution and restore the oxygen level at a considerable rate. Through this tree planting campaign, the HR club was able to attain the outcomes such as a learning opportunity to get youngsters involved in the environment and conservation of our natural resources. The members of HR Club planted the in-door plants including English ivy, Pot mom, Gerbera daisy, Holy basil, Aloe vera, Bamboo pal, Snake plant which are suggested by NASA as high Oxygen generators in their home gardens to raise awareness and consciousness about the environment among the masses.