The Release of the First Newsletter of the Faculty of Business Studies

The First Newsletter of the Faculty of Business Studies was released on 25th of June 2020 in the Balakrishnan Block of the Faculty. It conveys information regarding staff and student events and notable activities and achievements of the faculty. Dr. T. Mangaleswaran / Rector of the Vavuniya Campus and Dr. Y. Nanthagopan / Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies have made a special speech at this event. The first copy of the newsletter was issued by               Mr. T. Pratheepan, Chair of the Faculty Newsletter Committee to Dr. T. Mangaleswaran, Rector of the Vavuniya Campus.

The Deans of the Faculties, Heads of the Departments, Senior Assistant Librarian, Deputy Registrar / Establishments, Deputy Registrar / Examinations and Students’ Admission, External Faculty Board Members, Works Engineer, and all the Academic, Administrative and Non-academic staff of the Faculty have made this remarkable event a success with their immense participation.