Establishing a Centre for Project Management and Research

Department of Project Management, Faculty of Business Studies

The Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) and the Department of Project Management convened the virtual stakeholder meeting on 2nd of June, 2021, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., with the intention of collecting the opinions and recommendations of the stakeholder groups in the proposal for the establishment of the Centre for Project Management and Research (CPMRe) at the Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna and collaborate with national and international institutions to promote Project Management education in Sri Lanka for all levels of employees. The draft constitution and proposals were prepared and it was expected that the meeting would review the proposals to get more ideas incorporated into the constitution and pave the way to establish the prodigious Center in the country.

Thirty stakeholders virtually arrived and registered for the meeting around 3 o’clock and Dr. Y. Nanthagopan, Dean and Chairman of the Committee welcomed all the distinguished international and national participants from the universities, institutions and industries. In his welcome address, the Chair acknowledged his special welcome to academics; Professors Dhayalan Velauthapillai, Manuel Soosaipillai, Ranjith Wijeyawardena, and Kanesh Rajah, and senior Academics Dr. Mangaleswarean (Campus Rector), Dr. Nigel Williams, Dr. Karen Thoampson, Dr. Riswi Nordeen, Dr. Kengatharan, Dr. Shammika Liyanage, and Mr. Per Hegli. He also expressed his warm welcome to senior officials from industries and professional organizations Mr. Dushyantha, Mr. Ranjan, Dr. Madhu Fernando, Mr. Kamalathas, Mr. Someswaran, Mr. Senthooran, Dr. Rosahn Rajadurai, Mr. Marikar, Mr. Sutharsan, Mr. Eivind Reke, Mr. Nimal Devagiri, and to the faculty staff members, alumni, and all the stakeholders.

Followed by the introduction to the meeting, all participants were facilitated to form and start their group discussions in separate chat rooms as follows: Group 1 discussion was led by Dr. Nigel L. Williams from Portsmouth University in the UK. The discussion was about strategic insights and activities; Group 2 discussion was led by Dr. J.D.S. Madhu Fernando, the CEO of Innova Strategies. The discussion was about structure and management; Group 3 discussion was led by Prof. Ranjith Wijewardana from Rajarata University in Sri Lanka. The discussion was about management committee members and their duties; Group 4 discussion was led by Dr. W.G. Roshan Rajadurai who was the Managing Director, Hayles. The discussion was about priorities, potential collaborations, additional aspects to incorporate in the constitution of the center, and potential funding opportunities. The group discussions were finished as planned, thereafter, each group started to present their suggestions and recommendations.

At the end of the group presentations, stakeholders were asked to give remarks on the CPMRe. Finally, the vote of thanks was delivered by the Chair, Dr.Y. Nanthagopan and he wished to work together as a team in CPMRe.