Short Courses in Marketing Management

The aim of this short course programme is to provide the student with application of concepts, techniques and communication of Marketing Management and enhance their soft skills needed to be novel marketers. This short course programme would help students to identify the main aspects of Marketing Management. At present, there are a number of career opportunities in the field of marketing like marketing research, sales and advertising etc. Students with short course in of Marketing Management will able to exploit performance in relation to of Marketing Management in the organization by learning the features of marketing, marketing strategy, competitor analysis, marketing information systems and marketing research. As per the timely need arose by the society of the Vavuniya, the ICICVC has identified a short course in of Marketing Management should be offered to the ordinary level and advanced level school leavers and the employees who are already engaged in the field of marketing in order to prepare them contribute to the success of their working environment. This programme is conducted in English medium. You are allowed to use both English and Tamil medium in the lecture discussions. This short course is mainly designed for GCE Ordinary Level, GCE Advanced Level school leavers and the employees who are already engaged in the field of Marketing.

You are requested to make the deposit for the short course on or before 03rd  of February , 2021  to the following account:

Name of the Bank: People’s Bank
Branch: Vauniya
Account Name: People’s Bank, Vavuniya Campus
Account No: 040-1-001-0-1640087
Course Fee: Rs. 10,000/=
Mr. C. Larojan
Coordinator/ ICICVC
T.P: 0775528603

Application form – short courses in Marketing