Proceedings of the Research Conference on Business Studies

The Faculty of Business Studies, Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna publish the Proceedings of the Research Conference on Business Studies. The proceedings consist of extended abstracts that focus on areas such as Management, Business, Accounting, Economics, Project Management, English Language Education, and Information Technology.The extended abstracts in the proceedings are designed to provide insights, information, and perspective for academic and professionals.

The Proceedings of the Research Conference on Business Studies published with ISSN (Print): 2478-1126 and ISSN (Online) 2478-1258. The published proceedings are as follows:

  • Proceedings of the 3rd Research Conference on Business Studies (RCBS 2020)
  • Proceedings of the 2nd Research Conference on Business Studies (RCBS 2018)
  • Proceedings of the 1st Research Conference on Business Studies (RCBS 2016)

  • Proceedings of the 3rd Research Conference on Business Studies (RCBS 2020)

    Published on: 26th October 2020

    Published by: Faculty of Business Studies, Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka.

    Chief Editor: Mr. C. Larojan
    Editorial Members: Dr. G. Jeyaseelan, Mr. A. Thayaparan

    ISSN 2478-1126 and E-ISSN 2478-1258

    Titles in the series

    Keynote Speaker I - Information Security Behaviour Research – East Meets West [PDF]
    By: Professor Tanya McGill

    Keynote Speaker II - Business Transformation: The Trends in Sri Lankan Corporate Sector, a Case Study [PDF]
    By: Sarath W. S. B. Dasanayaka

    [1] The level of Internet Financial Reporting Disclosure in listed companies in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Krishnasamy, T and Pratheepkanth, P

    [2] Does board diversity affect Corporate Social Responsibility in Sri Lanka? [PDF]
    by: Pratheepkanth, P and Arulvel, K. K

    [3] Impact of ownership pattern and board structure on Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting: A study of listed Banks in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Pamila, S and Sangeerthana, P

    [4] Impact of value relevance of accounting information on share price: A study of listed Banks in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Sangeerthana, P and Pamila, S

    [5] Impact of audit committees and boards on the quality of reported earnings: A study of listed Diversified Holdings industry in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Nihuma, F

    [6] The impact of firms’ earnings on the stock market: A study on Food Beverage and Tobacco industry in Colombo Stock Exchange. [PDF]
    by: Kasthury, S and Anandasayanan, S

    [7] The impact of income on tax compliance: The empirical evidence from small and medium taxpayers of Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Nadee, Dand Premaratna, S. P

    [8] Right issue announcements and share prices: An event study approach. [PDF]
    by: Jayarathne, M. D. S and Samarakoon, S. M. R. K

    [9] The role of traditional and modern financial performance metrics in predicting shareholders’ wealth. [PDF]
    by: Alahakoon, A. M. U. M. P

    [10] Firm-specific characteristics and environmental disclosure: A study of selected listed companies in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Silva, M. A. G. A. D

    [11] Intellectual capital and financial performance of Sri Lankan Listed manufacturing companies. [PDF]
    by: Thusintha, M

    [12] The level of environmental disclosures in annual reports and firm-specific attributes of Sri Lankan listed companies. [PDF]
    by: Wijekumara, J. M. N, Madushanka, D. M. T and Kumara P. M. S

    [13] Easter attack 2019 and Hotel and Travel sector in Sri Lanka: An event study approach. [PDF]
    by: Kodithuwakku, K.A.S.S and Samarakoon, S.M.R.K

    [14] Stock market liquidity and firm performance: Evidence from a Frontier Market. [PDF]
    by: Fernando, W. M. D. Nand Samarakoon, S. M. R. K

    [15] Asset pricing with liquidity risk: Evidence from a Frontier Market. [PDF]
    by: Herath, H. M. K. M and Samarakoon, S. M. R. K

    [16] Stock market liquidity and firm dividend policy: Evidence from a Frontier Market. [PDF]
    by: Hettiarachchi, M.H.A.S.U and Samarakoon, S.M.R.K

    [17] Role of heuristic on individual investment performance. [PDF]
    by: Pratheepan, N and Rathiranee, Y

    [18] Corporate financial distress prediction: An application of Multiple Discriminant analysis. [PDF]
    by: Rathnayake, K. D. S. M and Samarakoon, S.M.R. K

    [19] Corporate risk management and firm performance: Sri Lankan perspective. [PDF]
    by: Rozairo, H. P and Samarakoon, S. M. R. K

    [20] Financial performance on share price: A study of listed Banks in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Panuja, E

    [21] Beta and returns: Evidence from Colombo Stock Exchange. [PDF]
    by: Fernando, P. M. S and Samarakoon, S. M. R. K

    [22] Credit risk management and financial performance: A study of listed Banks in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Asvini, Nand Pamila, S

    [23] Factors influencing the financial satisfaction of CSE investors in Jaffna district. [PDF]
    by: Luxan, K and Kengatharan, L

    [24] Capital structure and investment growth: A case study of listed manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Jonathan, K and Balagobei, S

    [25] Training and development and employees’ performance: A study based on state banks in Jaffna. [PDF]
    by: Sumangala, P and Raveendran, T

    [26] Humour at the workplace: Leader’s humour and employee’s trust in the leader. [PDF]
    by: Robinson, J

    [27] Green Human Resource Management research in emergence: A review and future directions. [PDF]
    by: Ajenthiny, A

    [28] The role of abusive supervision on the relationship between person-job fit and engagement. [PDF]
    by: Robinson, J

    [29] Reward and job satisfaction among the nurses in the Jaffna teaching hospital. [PDF]
    by: Ajenthiny, J

    [30] A comparison study of the top five journals on Human Resource Management indexed with Scopus. [PDF]
    by: Janen, T

    [31] The role of labour law in the protection of employees during COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Mudalige, N. K. K and Edirisinghe, A. A

    [32] The relationship between emotional intelligence and job performance. A study among Sri Lankan teachers. [PDF]
    by: Yahiyan F. S

    [33] The impact of protean career orientation on career planning. [PDF]
    by: Shanthakumary, M. C. M. A and Velnampy, T

    [34] Mediating effect of job engagement on the relationship between leadership styles and organizational performance. [PDF]
    by: Khan S. A and Athifah, N

    [35] The impact of stress in Sri Lankan youth. [PDF]
    by: Yahiyan, F. S

    [36] Factors influencing the effectiveness of bilingual educational programs by a selected school in Jaffna zone. [PDF]
    by: Ganeshalingam, M

    [37] Factors affecting the utilization of machinery for paddy cultivation: Special reference to Ibbagamuwa Divisional Secretariat Division. [PDF]
    by: Bandara, N. R. S. R, Weerasinghe, K. G. G and Jaysinghe, N. M. A

    [38] Household incomeand expenditure behavior in Northern Province in Sri Lanka: A non-parametric analysis. [PDF]
    by: Koperunthevy, K, Paulina Mary G. P and Neruja, N

    [39] Determinants of market participation: Special reference to paddy farmers in Verugal Division. [PDF]
    by: Suventhiran, K and Karunaanithy, K

    [40] Non-performance of contractual obligations in international commercial contracts in the wake of Coronavirus: A legal perspective. [PDF]
    by: Yasoda, W

    [41] Entrepreneurial motivation and self-employment intention: Special reference to management undergraduates in Jaffna district. [PDF]
    by: Jasintha, N and Renusha, V

    [42] Effect of microfinance services on the performance of micro-entrepreneurs: A study in Pilimathalawa area. [PDF]
    by: Swarnika, K. L and Pushpanathan, A

    [43] An insight into the critical success factors influence on women entrepreneurship. [PDF]
    by: Mathushan, P and Pushpanathan, A

    [44] The challenges and consequences of Covid-19 epidemic on entrepreneurship: A qualitative study on entrepreneurs. [PDF]
    by: Mathushan, P, Kengatharan, N, Nanthagopan, Y

    [45] The impact of knowledge sharing on performance: Evidence from Sri Lankan public sector employees. [PDF]
    by:Abeyrathna, S. P. G. M and Priyadarshana, A. J. M

    [46] A review of methodological choice: Research paradigm underpins. [PDF]
    by:Tharsika, K and Pratheepkanth, P

    [47] Knowledge sharing behaviour among Sri Lankan public University undergraduates: An application and extension of the theory of planned behaviour. [PDF]
    by:Sasiraj, S, Umanakenan, R and Achchuthan, S

    [48] Qualifying title statements of library catalogue of the University of Jaffna. [PDF]
    by:Ketheeswaren, S, Charles, E. Y and Chandrasekar, K

    [49] A critical evaluation of resonant and dissonant leadership and their implications during the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by:Poongothai, S and NoorulSafna, M. I

    [50] Street illuminance level analysis towards responsive headlight automation. [PDF]
    by:Kuhanesan, S and Amjath, M. I. M

    [51] Risks and risk management of Kandy City Wastewater Management Project (KCWMP). [PDF]
    by:Dasanayaka, D. M. T. and De Zoysa, M

    [52] Effects of project risk management strategies on project performance. [PDF]
    by:Thilakarathna, R. D. G. N. M and Mathivathany, S

    [53] Participatory Approaches in Community Development Projects: An exploratory study of NGOs in Northern Province. [PDF]
    by:Diluxshana, T Nanthagopan. Y and Thirugnanasampanthar, S

    [54] Impact of celebrity endorsement on brand image among Sri Lankan adolescents: Special reference to Manmunai North of Batticaloa district. [PDF]
    by:Luckmizankaria, P

    [55] Online banking functionality and customer satisfaction: Empirical evidence from Nothern Provinve, Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by:Sutharsiny, J and Umakanth, N

    [56] Green consumer values: Consumer's lifestyle towards eco-friendly products and purchase intention in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector . [PDF]
    by:Gunawardana, T. S. L.W

    [57] Customer service encounter satisfaction of super shop: A study on Dhaka City. [PDF]
    by:Md. Nahid, M and Fatema, A

    [58] Does social media advertising enhance consumers’ purchase intention? [PDF]
    by:Md. Abdul, A, Mst. Anjuman, A, Rafijul, A and Tusher, G

    [59] Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and brand equity of Dialog Axiata PLC, Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by:Madubashini D. K, Pushpanathan A

    [60] Linking social capital and people’s involvement in the tourism context of Sri Lanka: Special Reference to the Mirrisa, Galle district. [PDF]
    by:Shanmuganathan, K, Abeysekera, N, Gamini, L.P.S and Chandralal, L

    [61] Analyzing the relationship between destination attributes and satisfaction of tourists who visit Rathnapura district. [PDF]
    by:Sumithra N. K

    [62] The relationship between motivation and retention in the homestay business in Ella. [PDF]
    by:Sumithra N. K

    [63] Potential of enhancing agro-tourism in agrarian land Gurubeula Matara, Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by:Shammika D. L. A. H and Sooriarachchi, N

    Proceedings of the 2nd Research Conference on Business Studies (RCBS 2018)

    Published on: 20th September 2018

    Published by: Faculty of Business Studies, Vavuniya Campus of the University of Jaffna, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka.

    Chief Editor: Mr. G.R.M. Gamlath
    Editorial Members: Dr G. Jeyaseelan, Dr Y. Nanthagopan,Mr A. Thayaparan and Mrs J. S. Thevaruban

    Titles in the series

    [1] Ethical Accounting Practices on Financial Performance: Special reference to SMEs in Galle District, Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Subasinghe, T.W. & Larojan, C.

    [2] Impact of Quality of Sustainability Reporting on the Financial Performance of Companies. [PDF]
    by: Uthayakumar, R. & Punchihewa, P.N.A.

    [3] Impact of Financial Literacy on Firm Performance of Sri Lankan SMEs: Special Reference to Ratnapura District. [PDF]
    by: Bandara, V.K. & Kalainathan, K.

    [4] Integrated Reporting - Is it value relevant A quantitative study on Colombo Stock Exchange. [PDF]
    by: Pathiraja, P.M.D.S. & Priyadarshanie, W.A.N.

    [5] The Cause-Effect Relationship between Growth and Profitability: Evidence from Listed Manufacturing Companies in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Sanjaya, R.A.A. & Jayasiri, N.K.

    [6] The impact of daily market-based ratios on daily stock market return: evidence from Colombo Stock Exchange, Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Larojan, C.

    [7] The impact of Portfolio Structure on Financial Performance of listed private Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Nadanalingam, S. & Larojan, C.

    [8] DOI and e-CRM of licensed commercial banks: The literature review and future research propositions. [PDF]
    by: Dilogini, K. & Pushpanathan, A.

    [9] Development of Conceptual Model for Social Media Characteristics and Consumers’ Purchase Intention. [PDF]
    by: Kajanthy, K. & Sathana, V.

    [10] Factors Influencing on Customer Satisfaction of FTTH Broadband Services in Vavuniya District. [PDF]
    by: Maheswaran, M. & Pushpanathan, A.

    [11] The implication of Service Quality On Customer Satisfaction in Performance Evaluation in Finance Firms in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Shameem, A.L.M.A. & Jayainghe, J.K.P.S.K.

    [12] Post Purchase Dissonance of Undergraduates towards Slow Moving Consumer Goods. [PDF]
    by: Safna, M.I.N. & Selvarajan, P.

    [13] Perceived motivational factors of sustainable consumption behavior: Future propositions. [PDF]
    by: Hensman, G.H. & Samarasinghe, D.S.R.

    [14] Trends and Development of Digital Marketing in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Ranasinghe, R.M.I.S. & Kartheeswaran, T.

    [15] Determinants of Profitability in Organic Paddy Farming in Gampaha District. [PDF]
    by: Dilrukshi, R.M.T. & Thayaparan, A.

    [16] Entrepreneurial Orientation of Executive Level Officers in the Education Administrative Service of Colombo District, Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Karunarathne, G.D.D.T., Weerasinghe, R.N. & Wijewardena, L.

    [17] Factors determining the development of SMEs in Jaffna District. [PDF]
    by: Sathana, V, Velnampy, T. & Rajumesh, S.

    [18] Individual Factors Affecting the Business Performance of Women Entrepreneurs in Colombo District, Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: De Silva, D.C.H., Somarathne, Y.J. & Wijewardene, L.

    [19] Intervention time-series model using transfer function for Tourism arrival in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Yogarajah, B.

    [20] Microfinance and Poverty Alleviation: A Comparative Analysis in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Chathurani, D. & Jayasinghe, N.M.A.

    [21] The Financial strength of Central Bank and its Impact on Price Stability; Study on Sri Lanka and India. [PDF]
    by: Perera, G.A.N., Gunasekara, W.G.V., Wijewardene, L. & Maheshika, W.E.P.I.

    [22] An Investigation of Performance Management System and its Effectiveness with Special Reference to Garment Factories in Katunayake Export Processing Zone in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Rathnakara, K.A.K.S. & Arachchige, B.J.H.

    [23] Effect of generation Y engagement with Facebook brand pages on online sales. [PDF]
    by: Madhusanka, K. T.G. P.

    [24] Impact of social media usage on academic performance: Undergraduates in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Tennakoon, W.D.N.S.M, Lasanthika, W.J.A.J.M and Silva, M.M.S.R.

    [25] Mobile Application for Online Shopping. [PDF]
    by: Subangana, Sathurshan and Jeromc.

    [26] Ontology-Based Question Answering System for Banking Domain. [PDF]
    by: Weerabahu, W.M.D, Amalika, M.A.G.A. Dulakshi, S, H.K.C, Sandanayake, T.C. and Ganegoda, G.U.

    [27] The effectiveness of using technology in teaching English as a Second Language. [PDF]
    by: Kaviratne, I. A.

    [28] An Empirical Study on Level of Stress Amongst Administrative Staff of the State Universities in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Vijeyakumar, T.

    [29] Study of Conceptual Framework of Blind Recruitment in Current Business Scenario. [PDF]
    by: Vivek, R. A.

    [30] Knowledge Management Involvement in Improving Human Resource Management of organization. [PDF]
    by: Weerathunga, S.K & Vasanthapriyan, S.

    [31] Managing lives at work: Lessons from Bhagavad Gita. [PDF]
    by: Weerawardena, S. D., Priyasad, K. P. M. and Weerasinghe, T. D.

    [32] Relationship Between Industrial Ergonomics and Employee Performances: Evidence from a Leading Garment Manufacturing Organization in Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Dilshani, A.K.D.N, Praveeni, S.M.N. & Wijerathne, B.D.R.T.N.

    [33] The effects of green training and development practices on employee performance. [PDF]
    by: Kumarasinghe, K.K.A.H, PallewaththaP.W.K.

    [34] The Effect of Counselling Interventions on Work Stress of Operational Level Employees in Apparel Industry. [PDF]
    by: Karunarathna, D.I.M, Subashini, B.L.C, and Weerasinghe, T.D.

    [35] Customers' characteristics of behavior to use tech-marketing in banks: Propositions for future research. [PDF]
    by: Dilogini, K, Shivany, S. and Malkanthie, M.A.A.

    [36] Community Park Development Project: A Case Study of Back Bay Water Front Area, Trincomalee. [PDF]
    by: Ushanthini, R. & Sasitharan, M.

    [37] Factors Affecting Career Advancement of Top Level Women in Local Banks in Colombo District. [PDF]
    by: Perera, M.I.D, Thayaparan, A.

    [38] Factors of perceived organizational support: A conceptual study. [PDF]
    by: Thasika, Y.

    [39] Influence of Leadership Styles on Employee Performance: Study of Divisional Secretariats in Jaffna District. [PDF]
    by: Raveendrana. T, Aruna, S, & Gamage.

    [40] Social Network Use and Personality- a Special reference to Colombo District, Sri Lanka. [PDF]
    by: Dhanushanthini, A.

    [41] The Application of Space Syntax Analysis in Project Identification: A Special Reference to the Moratuwa. [PDF]
    by: Mathivathany, S, Nanthagopan, Y, Thirugnanasampanthar. S. & Rukshan.A.

    Proceedings of the 1st Research Conference on Business Studies (RCBS 2016)

    Published on: 24th June 2016

    Chief Editor: Dr (Mrs.) K. Kalainthan
    Editorial Members: Dr G. Jeyaseelan, Mr A. Thayaparan, and Mr Y. Nanthagopan

    Titles in the series

    [1] Impact of Financial Management Practices on Financial Performance of SMEs in Sri Lanka: Evidence from Anuradhapura Districtd [PDF]
    by: Swarnapali R.M.N.C. and Rathnayaka A.R.N.

    [2] Cross Sections of Expected Return and Book to Market Ratio: An Empirical Study on Colombo Stock Market[PDF]
    by: Mohamed I.M.R., Sulima L.M., and Muhideen B.N.

    [3] Value Relevance of Accounting Information and Implication on Stock Price Movement: Empirical Evidence from Listed Banks in Sri Lanka[PDF]
    by: Rubika M., Jeyanthini S., and Nimalatheepan S.

    [4] A Conceptual Paper on Intellectual Capital Disclosure Practices[PDF]
    by: Larojan C. and Fernando A.J.

    [5] Influence of Credit Rationing on Child Labour in Poor Households in Sri Lanka: Special Reference to Hulandawa Estate in Matara District[PDF]
    by: Priyadharsan S. and Channa A.M.

    [6] Modeling Gold Price in Sri Lanka: Box Jenkins Approach[PDF]
    by: Yogarajah B.

    [7] Challenges Confronted by Women Engaging in Agribusiness in Marketing and Management Activities: A Study Focused on Manmunai West DS Division[PDF]
    by: Sasitharan C.

    [8]Developing the Habit of Reading English Newspapers in ESL Classroom to Overcome the Speaking Challenges in Business Communication[ PDF]
    by: Kamsathvany B. and Bandara K.B.M.S.

    [9] A Conceptual Framework for Real-Time Public Health Dengue Surveillance in Sri Lanka[PDF]
    by: Rukshan A., Miroshan A., and Croos R.J.M.

    [10] Risk Sensitive Development Towards Building Resilient Communities - A Review of Community Based Disaster Risk Management in Sri Lanka[PDF]
    by: Lafir S.S.M.

    [11] Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Intent to Leave: A Case Study of ABC International (Pvt) Ltd[PDF]
    by: Prashanthan A.

    [12] We are Breadwinners and We are Homemakers: Do Dual-Career Couples Share Work and Family Roles?[PDF]
    by: Kengatharan N.

    [13] Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Great Strides in Climbing the Organizational Hierarchy[PDF]
    by: Kengatharan N.

    [14] A Study on Impact of Psychological Capital on Executive Employees Job Performance[PDF]
    by: Rosayuru H.D.U.K. and Kalyani L.D.

    [15] Impact of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour[PDF]
    by: Madusanka L.P.H.C. and Kalyani L.D.

    [16] Role of Emotional Intelligence on the Relationship between Perceived Organizational Politics Job Satisfaction and Work Engagement: Empirical Evidence from Public and Private Sector Employees[PDF]
    by: Robinson J.

    [17] Task Conflict -Team Creativity: Moderating Role of Task Interdependence and Mediating Role of Information Search[PDF]
    by: Saravanabawan, A.

    [18] Human Related Issues on the Development of Cellular Manufacturing: A Study in Sri Lankan Apparel Industry[PDF]
    by: Dilshani A.K.D.N., Heart U.L., and Chandrawansha W.M.A.K.

    [19] The Role of LMX Quality and Interactional Justice in the Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Turnover Intention[PDF]
    by: Subramanian R.R., Rajakumar C.S., and Rajini Kanth R.

    [20] Factors Influencing Corporate Entrepreneurship among Middle-Level-Managers towards Manufacturing Industry[PDF
    by: Banumathi M. and Rajakumar C.S.

    [21] Rebranding as a Marketing Tool[PDF]
    by: Nithiyanandam R.

    [22] Assessing the Levels of Health Consciousness and Customer based Brand Equity in Sri Lanka[PDF]
    by: Thusyanthy V.

    [23] Important Factors of after Sales Services in Marketing Promotion: An Exploratory Factor Analysis. Special references to LG Eelectronics products in Jaffna District[PDF]
    by: Nivethika V.

    [24] Needs, Problems and Future of Online Shopping in India[PDF]
    by: Vivek V.

    [25] Impact of Website Quality on Online Shopping Behaviour[PDF]
    by: Prasath P. and Durga S.

    [26]Enhancing Brand Preference through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives: A Study on the Ceylon Cold Stores (CCS) PLC[ PDF]
    by: Kobichanthar C. and Ambalam P.

    [27]The Impact of Marketing Mix Elements on Customer-Based Brand Equity: Special reference to Licensed Commercial Banks in Sri Lanka[ PDF]
    by: Dhanushanthini A.

    [28] Customers Perceptions and Awareness on Internet Banking Usages with Smart Mobile Phones: Special Reference to Banks in Batticaloa District[PDF]
    by: Tharanya J. and Logarasa M.

    [29] A Study on Service Quality Gap between State and Private Hospitals in Trincomalee[PDF]
    by: Ravichandran D. and Kaneswaran K.

    [30] Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry: Manmunai North D.S Division in Batticaloa District[PDF]
    by: Bavani S. and Vasuki A.

    [31] Effects of Capability Maturity Model on Project Performance of Information and Communication Technology Projects[PDF]
    by: Gunasena A.G.S.M.

    [32] Exploring the Tourists Image in Jaffna Peninsula[PDF]
    by: Shanmuganathan K.

    [33] A Feasibility Study of Tourism Development in the Kallady Beach Area in Batticaloa District[PDF]
    by: Soundaralingam A. and Gayana K.