Official Formation of Student Clubs

Official formation and the election of office bearers for the students’ clubs, another milestone event of the Faculty of Business Studies, was held on 19.02.2021 (Friday) at 3.15 pm in the Faculty lecture hall physically and virtually.  The event started with the Dean’s address, Faculty of Business Studies, Dr. Y. Nanthagopan, followed by the Heads, Finance and Accountancy, Economics and Management, and English Language Teaching departments.

Student Club coordinators headed the office-bearers’ election for Accounting and Finance, Human Resource Management, Business Economics, Marketing Management, and Project Management student clubs. These student clubs aim to enhance student extracurricular activities. The student projects were provided to each club to create an ecological and beautiful environment for the Faculty of Business Studies and to create co-op, job bank and part-time jobs, and energy-saving projects. Students would be provided with awards every year, based on the independent evaluation panel’s performance review, to appreciate and encourage the clubs’ performances and activities.