Meeting with Project Management Institute – Sri Lankan Chapter on signing the MOU

The Department of Project Management (DPM) convened its 3rd meeting with the Sri Lankan Chapter of Project Management Institute (PMISLC) on the 20th of August 2021 to discuss the draft Memorandum of Understanding prepared and submitted by the DPM to the PMISLC in the week. Dr. Y. Nanthagopan, Ms. S. Mathivathany and Mr. S. Thirugnanasampanhthar represented the DPM, meanwhile, Mr. Dushyantha (President of the PMISLC), Mr. Dhammike Mendis (Executive Vice-President of PMISLC), Mr. Aruna Kooragamage (Founder, Former President, & Certified Trainer) Mr. Shanthilal Fernado (Vice-President Finance), and Mr. Saman Kandanearachchi (VicePresident Outreach) took part in the virtual meeting for PMISLC. Dr. Y. Nanthagopan presided the meeting and welcomed the participants.

Following the self introductions, Dr. Y. Nanthagopan described the purpose of such MoUs between the Faculty of Business Studies and Educational organizations that offer professional courses and the contents and clauses of the proposed draft MOU. In response, the PMISLC members generally informed their willingness and interest in the collaboration through an MoU and addressed what the PMISLC could deliver. Mr. Aruna Kooragamage briefed the inception of PMISLC since 2005 and elaborated that the PMI offer certificate and professional courses such as Certified Associate of Project Management (CIPM) and Project management Professional (PMP) and as a not-for-profit organization, the PMI is promoting PM standards, providing accreditations and funding for researches. Mr. Dhammike Mendis described the processes to sign an MoU and the PMISLC would review the draft MoU presented by the FBS and would send it to the FBS for its comments. He added that the reviewed MoU would be sent to the PMI’s regional office in India for its comments. All of the PMISLC participants are enthusiastic in arriving a consensus for the MOU and working together for the betterment of the students and the country.