Inauguration and Orientation program- Academic Year 2020/2021

The Virtual Inauguration Ceremony and the Orientation Program were organized by the Faculty of Business Studies for the academic year 2020/2021. The inauguration ceremony was held on the 20th of June, 2022 and the orientation program was conducted from the 21st of June to 1st of July, 2022 to freshers to the University’s educational system, academic culture and facilities available with the University.

On the day of the inauguration ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Studies, Dr.Y.Nanthagopan addressed the students and warmly welcomed them to be part of this historic institution. Followed by the keynote address delivered by Dr. T. Mangaleswaran, Vice-Chancellor of Vavuniya University. Next, the department heads, university executive staff and faculty staff also welcomed the newcomers and addressed their words of blessing to them.

After the inauguration ceremony, on the following orientation program days, the students were engaged in various sessions on” Emotional Intelligence”, “Ethnic Cohesion and Social Harmony”, “Attitude towards Leadership”, “Counselling Youths”, “Drugs Addicts and its Impact on University Life”, “Medical issues faced by students during the university days”, “Introducing the Mentoring System”, “Role of the Library in University Education”, “Examination Matters”, “Introducing Career Guidance Unit, Physical Education Unit, Student & Welfare Division, “Session on LMS, ZOOM & Cyber Security”, “946 Circular and Students’ Life at University”, “Introducing the Departments of Faculty of Business Studies” which were done by the internal staff of the University and the outside resource persons.

Beyond all the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic crisis facing the country, the students enthusiastically participated and gained knowledge from the virtual programs organized by the Faculty and shared their thoughts and ideas. The students were delighted to receive guidance on how to live their four-year life of higher education at the University of Vavuniya.