1. Honours Degree Title:
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) Honours in Human Resource Management
2. Honours degree Introduction
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) Honours in Human Resource Management is a special degree, in which the number of students is gradually increasing and they are gaining the competencies necessary for the current job market requirement. The students who are completing the first year of their study and fulfilling the eligibility criteria of Honours in Human Resource Management, can follow the Honours in Human Resource Management for their rest of the three years period.
4. Eligibility criteria
Students should obtain GPA 2.3 or above in all two relevant subjects such as Principles of Management (MGT 1113) and Human Resource Management (HRM 1213) Further, the students should get minimum “C” grade in either Business Mathematics (MGT 1123) or Business Statistics (MGT 1213) in the first attempt of their examination. And, the minimum overall GPA should be equal to 2.00 for the first two semesters.
3. Specialization Modules
Year – 2, Semester – I Human Ecology (HRM 2113)
Human Resource Development (HRM 2123)
Year – 2, Semester – II Employee Health & Safety (2213)
Employment Relations (HRM 2223)
Year – 3, Semester – I Human Resource Accounting (HRM 3113)
Performance Management (3123)
Employment Laws (HRM 3133)
Year – 3, Semester – II Managing Diversity in the workplace (HRM 3213)
Talent Management (HRM 3223)
Human Resource Information System (HRM 3233)
Year – 4, Semester – I Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM 4113)
Advanced Human Resource Management (HRM 4123)

Global HRM (HRM 4133)
Application of HRM (HRM 4143)
Research Methods in HRM (HRM 4153)
Year – 4, Semester – II Dissertation (HRM 4216)
Internship (HRM 4223)

5. Internship
Students who are in the fourth year second semester should complete an internship for four months according to the relevant discipline in an organization.
6. Graduate profile
On successful completion of the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) Honours in Human Resource Management, the students should have an adequate knowledge of general aspects of managing an organization, and other functional fields of organizational management which provides many solutions to create and enhance success and progress of success of organizations to demonstrate know-how of followership and leadership through proper communication and language skill, IT resource handling skills and interpersonal skills dealing with people also possess knowledge of morality enhancement, ethical and social performance, self-management, conceptual, social developments, problem solving, research ability, analytical skills, personality traits and active citizenship.
Our well-reviewed curriculum will not only help students to gain relevant theoretical and practical knowledge of the contemporary job market requirement, but also to guide with aligning HRM with specific business needs. Our students, after gaining specialized knowledge in Human Resource management, will be able to get human relation capability, communication capability, quality enhancement capability, management capability, administrative ability and also building positive changes in their attitudes and etc. Specializing in HRM endeavours to impart to foster in the graduates to possess knowledge of contemporary, international, strategic and sustainable aspects of HRM.