How to be an online entrepreneur by the Project Management club

The Project Management Club conducted a webinar called “HOW TO BE AN ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR” for undergraduate students of the Universities on 12th September 2021 via zoom platform.

Mr.Madushka Dissanayake, Entrepreneur, Director/Shareholder at Proximo and AUKOD, Mr.Chamin Dias, Moderator of Online Entrepreneurs Club, Sri Lanka and Mr.Lasantha Wickramasinghe, Online Entrepreneur, Shareholder at Outsmart Hub HQ, Founder of Builtapps, were invited as Guest speakers for this virtual session. Topics such as “Introduction to online entrepreneurship” , “ How to start your online business journey” , “Why you should become as an online entrepreneur” and “From “HUSTLING” to “ENTREPRENEURSHIP” and “Costly mistakes to avoid in your entrepreneurship journey” were presented by the speakers respectively. Ms.M.F.Zaleeka, an active member of the club played a role as Telecaster of this webinar series 02. Mrs.S.Mathivathany, Senior Advisor/ Treasurer of the PM Club, played the role of the coordinator and moderator for this webinar. The primary purpose of this webinar was to know the various platforms for online money earnings while studying.

Further, a question session also was held, and feedbacks were received from the participants during the webinar time. It was made a higher value to the webinar series, and participants also got a clear idea about online entrepreneurship. This webinar was successfully completed with more than 300 participants. This valuable webinar provided a considerable approach to the students to gain their skills to be an entrepreneur and part-time jobs. Especially this webinar was helpful to the students to understand what exactly mean by online entrepreneurship, how to develop as an entrepreneur step by step. It was the most interesting via virtual platform during the pandemic situation.