Honours in Marketing Management

Honours Degree Title:

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) Honours in Marketing Management

Honours degree Introduction

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) Honours in Marketing Management is a specialize degree, in which the students specialize the decline of “Marketing Management” and gaining the soft and hard skills necessary for the present job market. The students completing the first year of their study and fulfilling the eligibility criteria of selecting the Honours in Marketing Management can follow the Honours in Marketing Management for there rest of the (three years) of study.

Eligibility criteria

Students should obtain GPA greater than or equal to 2.3 in the two modules including: Marketing Management (MAR 1213) and Principles of Management (MGT 1113). Further, the students should get minimum “C” grade in either Business Mathematics (MGT 1123) or Business Statistics (MGT 1213) in the first attempt of their examination. And, the minimum overall GPA should be equaled to 2 for the first two semesters.

Specialization Modules

Year – 2, Semester – I Marketing Communications (MAR 2113)

Retail Marketing (MAR 2123).

Year – 2, Semester – II Agricultural Marketing (MAR 2213)

Consumer Behavior (MAR 2223)

Year – 3, Semester – I Brand Management (MAR3113)

Services Marketing (MAR 3123)

Sales Management (MAR 3133)

Year – 3, Semester – II Hospitality Management (MAR 3213)

E-Commerce (MAR 3223)

Digital Marketing (MAR 3233)

Year – 4, Semester – I Marketing Research (MAR 4113)

Strategic Marketing (MAR 4123)

International Marketing (MAR 4133)

Customer Relations in Marketing (MAR 4152)

Seminar in Marketing (MAR 4161)

Year – 4, Semester – II Dissertation (MAR 4216)

Internship (MAR 4223)


Students who are in the fourth year second semester should complete an internship for four months in a discipline relevant organization.

 Graduate profile

The students who have completed Bachelor of Business Management Honours in Marketing Management programme have the ability to work under an employer and to create innovative businesses in the competitive global marketing world.  The Marketing Management graduates will have a wide array of skills ranging from leadership, interpersonal, technical, conceptual, social developments, problem solving, research ability, and analytical skills. The gained theoretical and practical knowledge in Marketing Management will guide for the sustainable development of our country.