Eighteen community and industry organizations and Responsible Project Management, UK sign MOUs with the Faculty of Business Studies

The MOU signing event with 18 community and industry organizations was held in hybrid mode on the 27th of June 2022, during the week of the Commemoration of the Silver Jubilee of the Faculty of Business Studies

The University Vice-Chancellor Dr T.Mangaleswaran, The Dean of the Business Studies Faculty, Dr Y.Nanthagopan, Heads of Departments, Coordinators of the Training and Placements cells of the faculty, academic staff, Directors and senior officials of the community and industry organizations, senior officials from the government and international organisations and Directors from the Responsible Project Management, UK participated in the MOU signing event.

The welcome address was made by Mr S.Thirugnanasampanthar, Head Department of Project Management. Dr Y.Nanathagopan, Dean/FBS and followed by Dr T.Managaleswaran made a special address about the importance of community and industry collaborations. Mr S.Harikaran had briefed the MOU document. Thereafter, MOUs were signed by the community and industry organizations with the Faculty of Business Studies. Also, the MOU was signed in between Responsible Project Management and the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Vavuniya.

A stakeholder discussion was taken place followed by the MOUs signing event. These MOUs with the eighteen community and industry organizations promotes the pursuance of common interests, in promoting and developing the principles, techniques and practices of Business and Project Management to optimize the utilization of Human Resources at the National and International Level shared by the faculty and community and industry organisations agree to enter into this Memorandum of Understanding to develop mechanisms for collaboration.

This community and industry collaboration is expected to lead to the implementation of internship training and placements for Undergraduates and Graduates. Further, this collaboration promotes jointly organize field/exposure visits, capstone projects, educational programs, seminars, workshops, conferences, research activities, publications and joint community projects of mutual interest.

Especially, the faculty developed a concept of regional Micro, Small, and Medium (MSM) enterprise development by establishing a multistakeholder network with the stakeholders. The faculty establishes a multi-stakeholder facilitation Hub and contribute to the progressive recovery and development of the MSM sector.

These collaborating efforts try to address partially the present economic crisis of the country by developing MSM enterprises in the region. The faculty envisages being a driving force and to work together with all necessary stakeholders to contribute to the quick recovery and development of MSM enterprises and household livelihood ventures. The purpose of this intervention can be said as below:

Speed up the resumption, successful recovery and development of the MSM enterprises and household livelihood ventures through effective management of the recovery phase.

The approach proposed in achieving the purpose is service facilitation and focused knowledge base management. The faculty will be the centre and play the role of a Hub. Service facilitation refers to providing and facilitating access to necessary services for the successful resumption, recovery and development of the MSM enterprises.

Along with the period and progress of the sectors in the region, the requirement and nature of intervention may change with evolving contexts. The service facilitation and focused knowledgebase management will remain the core strategy and will contribute to the advancement of the sectors in the long run.

Finally, the directors of Responsible Project Management, UK, Dr Nigel Williams and Dr Karen Etheridge briefed the RPM network and its functions, followed by the Vote of thanks delivered by Mrs S.Mathivathany, Coordinator/ Training and Placement Cell of the Department of Project Management. The event ended with Lunch at 2.00 pm.

The following community and industry organizations have signed MOUs with the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Vavuniya.

As the Community organizations; Rural Economic and Community Development Organization (RECDO), North and East Economic Development (NEED) Centre, Via Village Entrepreneur’s Centre, OfERR (Ceylon), Social Organizations Networking For Development (SOND), Social Economical & Environmental Developers (SEED), Serving Humanity Foundation (SHF), Caritas-Valvuthayam, Voice Area Federation, Social Welfare Organization Ampara District (SWOAD), World Vision Lanka, Organization For Rehabilitation of the Handicapped (ORHAN), Recovery,  Humanitarian Action Management Agency (RAHAMA), and PALM Community Development Services Company (Guarantee) Ltd and as the industrial organizations; Innovay Pvt. Ltd, Boralugoda Graphite Pvt Ltd, CAN Construction and Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd, and Omega Line Vavuniya Apparels.

Signing MOUs with Eighteen organizations is a remarkable and golden opportunity gained by the Faculty of Business Studies in its Silver Jubilee.