Econ Club

The Econ Club is established with the purpose of promoting Economic activities of the undergraduate students in order to enhance their knowledge, skills and professional exposure in Economics. This club is structured to assist the students to learn and acquire the Economics competencies and exposure how to effectively use the economic theory and policy in real life. The club foster the active participation and collaboration of the students. The Business Economics specialization students take the lead in arranging the events. This enables in developing the students to plan and arrange for the events successfully. The club activities are organized in a regular basis to promote the team spirit and implement the Economics related concepts practically.

Empowering student’s potentialities through significant active participation.

Strives to discovering and disseminating creative ideas, methods and techniques to enhance students’ competencies.

To develop and sharpen interpersonal, planning, problem solving, decision making, communicational, time management and entrepreneurial skills and capabilities.


  • To inspire students to work more productively by providing focus and common goals.
  • To provide case studies and contemporary issues to students and ask them to solve the problem in a creative way .
  • To build network with professionals and enhance industrial relations.
  • To develop confidence and ability to speak in public
  • To enable and guide student’s participation in decision making process.
  • To develop advertence on CSR activities.
  • To obtain instruction and experience in the conduct of meetings.