Disaster risk reduction of development projects in Sri Lanka by the Project Management club

The Project Management Club conducted a webinar titled “DISASTER RISK REDUCTION OF DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS IN SRI LANKA” for project management students on 13th of October 2021 via zoom platform. The main purpose of this webinar was to celebrate the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction and give awareness to the students regarding disaster risk reductions.

Mr.K.Sugunathas, Assistant Director, Disaster Management Centre, Trincomalee, was invited as a Guest speaker of this virtual session. Especially, he discussed about Disaster situation in Sri Lanka, how risks are occurring, what kind of risks are being occurred, how can be managed disaster risk, what kind of techniques and tools can be used, what are the challenges faced by the development field and how the project managers delt those. Ms.M.F.Zaleeka, an Active Member of the club, played a role as Telecaster of this webinar series 03.
Project management students are the group who primarily benefited from this session. The 3rd webinar was successfully completed with more than 100 participants. This valuable webinar provided a considerable approach to the students to gain their knowledge in Disaster Management and Risk Reduction. Especially this webinar was helpful to the students to understand that how exactly the disaster risk reduction programs practically applied.