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Dean’s Message

I am delighted to welcome everyone to the Faculty of Business Studies. The faculty has committed to excellence in teaching, research and community enrichment and inputting the student experience at the heart of the faculty. Our programme is delivered by the specialist staff from a wide range of industry and academic experience. Students can relish in studying and loving experience with our friendly staff members.The Faculty is located in the place, which is surrounded by beautiful trees, and a pleasant village living atmosphere. Our students come from all the districts of Sri Lanka and enjoy studying with multi-ethnic communities, and during the study period, they learn neighbouring languages and cultural diversities.

The Faculty of Business Studies was established in 1997 and currently offers the Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) honours degree program for diverse disciplines, namely Accounting and Finance, Marketing Management, Business Economics and Human Resource Management. Further, the faculty introduced a new degree programme in BBM in Project Management, which commenced from the academic year 2014/15 and later on it was upgraded as BBM Honors in Project Management. The Faculty is incessantly taking efforts to update existing programs and introduce new programs based on national needs, demands, and employability. The Faculty is triggering the networking and collaborations with the stakeholders for increasing the shared capacities for well serving to the students and community.

I am confident that, as expressed in the Mission Statement, we will be able to nurture you to become a dynamic leader to outperform in challenging business environment. I wish you all to enjoy an excellent learning experience at the Faculty of Business Studies and all successes in your campus and professional career.

Dr Y.Nanthagopan

Dean / Faculty of Business Studies.