Awareness Talk on Covid -19 Vaccination by the Students’ Union

The Students’ Union, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Vavuniya conducted an “Awareness Talk on Covid -19 Vaccination” via zoom for undergraduate students of the Universities and community people on 11th July 2021 via zoom platform.The main objective of this program was to allay the fears of the students and local people about the corona vaccine and to make them aware of the importance of getting the corona vaccine. The program was commenced by the talk of Mr. I.D.C. Ishara, the president of the Faculty Union.

Prof. Giorgi Pkhakadze, School of Public Health, David Tvildiani Medical University (DTMU), Georgia and Consultant, who has been invited as Guest speaker for this virtual session. Further, Professor Madha Suresh, Director, Centre for Natural Hazards and Disaster Studies (CNHDS) the University of Madras was participated and delivered their experiences in India. Dr.Y.Nanthagopan, Dean, Faculty of Business Studies, shared the current Sri Lankan COVID situations and played a role as Coordinator for this virtual forum and provided encouragement and continuous support for the stakeholders. Further, a question session was also held, and feedbacks were received from the participants during the webinar time. It was made a higher value to the webinar series, and participants also got a clear idea about the importance of getting the corona vaccine. Awareness talk was successfully completed with more than 300 participants.