Honors Degree Title
Bachelor of Business Management Honors in Accounting and Finance

Honors degree Introduction
The degree programme is specifically directed towards letting the students, the prime stakeholders of university education, gain the best-in-class knowledge in Accounting and Finance. Students following Honors degree in Accounting and Finance arena are offered a balanced set of courses not only help them to gain the knowledge of Accounting and Finance but also to gather knowledge on the diversified disciplines of Management. We give our students a wide introduction to the worldwide business condition and help them adjust quickly to the changing industry requests through providing contemporary knowledge on the subjects and the internship program.
Honors Course structure
The specialization programme starts from the second year and the specialization course units which are being offered from the second year are as tabulated below:
Course Code Course Title Credits
ACC 2113 Taxation


FIN 2123 Managerial Economics
ACC 2213 Advanced Financial Accounting
ACC 2223 Corporate Governance
FIN 3113 Financial Econometrics
FIN 3123
International Financial Management

FIN 3133
Micro finance
FIN 3223
Financial Derivatives and Insurance

ACC 3223
Computer Based Accounting

FIN 3233
Investment and Portfolio Management

FIN 4113
Research Methodology

FIN 4123
Computer Application in Research

ACC 4133 Advanced Management Accounting
ACC 4122
Financial Statement Analysis 02
ACC 4113
Advanced Taxation*


ACC 4143
Public Sector Accounting*

FIN 4131
Seminar in Finance
ACC 4216 Dissertation 06
ACC 4223 Internship 03
Total Credit Value of the Specialization Course Units 54
Note: * Optional Subjects – Students have the choice of selecting their preferred subject (They can either choose “Advanced Taxation” OR “Public Sector Accounting”).
Eligibility Criteria
The eligibility criteria for the BBM Honors in Accounting and Finance degree will be based on the results scored by the students on subjects related to the specialization in the first two semesters of the first year. The criteria for eligibility are as follows:

 Should have a GPA of 2.3 or above in the following subjects in the first attempt.
ACC 1113 – Financial Accounting I
ACC 1213 – Financial Accounting II

 Minimum overall GPA of 2.00 for the first two semesters.
 The students should get minimum “C” grade in either MGT 1123 Business Mathematics or MGT 1213 Business Statistics in the first attempt.
Internship is a requirement for the completion of the degree for the undergraduates pursuing an Honors degree programme in Accounting and Finance. The students of the Accounting and Finance specialization degree programme will have to undergo six-months internship programme during their final year second semester in the organizations dispersed throughout Sri Lanka and the internship carries a credit value of 3. Students engaged in the internship will get hands-on experience that enhances their learning or understanding of issues relevant to Accounting and Finance. Internship provides the students a platform to prepare them to face the job market and could also be used as a foundation based on which the skills required for their career can be built upon.
Graduate Profile
Students who have completed the Bachelor of Business Management Honors in Accounting and Finance would have contemporary knowledge and skills required for surviving in the turbulent business environment. Our specialization programme has been designed in a way to fill the gap between “skills needed for success” and “skills currently possessed”. The graduates will have a wide cluster of aptitudes extending from leadership, collaboration and communication, strategic thinking, networking, research capacity, and analytical skills. They will be a distinctive group with a strong sense of professionalism, seeking for constant improvement, adaptability, capacity to impart and collaborate, and a profound compassion for the needs of the industry, society, and country.