The essence of Human Resource Management and its analysis is learned by application, the hands-on learning which gets engrained in the students’ skill set for a lifetime. It’s hence the endeavor of the HR club to harness the young talents of the Vavuniya Campus in the HR aspects of management, in a composite manner by combining the faculty and the students’ focus for the mutual benefit of the tripartite synergy (faculty, students and the corporate). The principal purpose of initiating HR Club is to carry out series of activities that enrich students’ exposure to perform the human resource functions and shine in real work setting by integrating the students’ interest in the field of Human Resource Management and assist them in developing or enhancing their employability skills. The club serves as an excellent platform for all HR enthusiasts to come forward and exchange their ideas relating to the latest trends of HR, to explore the vast ocean of HR knowledge, and to sustain and preserve the ideals of Human resource management. In the Future, the HR club of FBS will incubate future leaders by engaging diverse, innovative methodologies, including experiential learning, simulations, and real-life projects.

To transform students’ caliber.

Reinforce the student’s competencies and employability skills through discovering and applying creative and innovative ideas, methods and techniques.

Enhance contribution in building and sharpening the soft skills and community-based activities.


  • Inspire students to work more productively and independently.
  • Analyzing critical incident and contemporary issues.
  • Build network with professionals and enhance industrial relations.
  • Develop self-confidence and ability for public speaking.
  • Enable and guide student’s participation in decision making process.
  • Develop advertence on CSR activities.
  • To allow them to learn by experience.
Member Details
  1. Patent- Dr.T.Mangaleswaran
  2. Senior Treasurer: Mr.S.Harikaran
  3. President: Ms.M.Kamshayini
  4. Vise President: Mr.W.S.M.Silva
  5. Secretary: Mr.M.N.M.Naflan
  6. Treasurer: Mr.K.A.J.Chamara Perera
  7. Editor: Mr.O.W.K.Bimsara Jayanath
  8. Coeditor: Mr.M.N.M. Naseer
  9. Members:
    • 2nd year: Ms.S.Prathisha
    • 3rd year: Ms.P.Heerthana
    • 4th year: Ms.Deshani H.A.S