The Accounting and Finance Club believes strongly in the importance of students driven culture in the Vavuniya campus of the University of Jaffna. We, the Accounting and Finance Club, as a driving force of the future generation have the responsibility to carryout activities which are of utmost importance to the people that make up the society. The Accounting and Finance Club is predominantly of members from the Accounting and Finance specialization. The significance of Accounting and Finance Club lies around preparing the students in specific and public in general to face their challenges in both, professional and personal life. The students/Club members will continuously conduct events by means of public awareness programs, workshops and seminars, competitions and any other welfare activities towards the betterment of students and society.

Improve the organizational legitimacy via increasing the participation of the Accounting and Finance students in community outreach activities.

Prepare the students and society in a way to confront the challenges of today and tomorrow.

To provide interested students and public with information regarding their personal, career and professional development and promote the identity of the Department of Finance and Accountancy in specific and Vavuniya Campus in general.


  • To organize workshops and forums paving the way for the students’ career and professional development.
  • To encourage students to actively participate in various community outreach activities.
  • To build up strong relationship with the stakeholders.
  • To provide students opportunities to enhance their knowledge with a special emphasis on Accounting and Finance.
  • To let students gain practical exposure by inviting outsourced personnel.
  • To encourage students to voluntarily participate in activities which are in the best interests of the Department, Campus, and eventually the society.
Member Details
  1. Patron: Dr. (Mrs.) K. Kalainathan
  2. Senior Treasurer: Mr. J. Aloy Niresh
  3. President: Mr. M. S. A. Nushar
  4. Vise President: Ms. T. M. Y. Bandara
  5. Secretary: Mr. P. Kamalarooban
  6. Treasurer: Mr. H. D. B. P. Hewage
  7. Editor: Ms. D. M. H. Pramodika
  8. Coeditor: Mr. N. P. G. N. S. K. Wijewardhana
  9. Members:
    • 2nd year: Ms. M. N. F. Nazma
    • 3rd year: Ms. M. Sharmila
    • 4th year: Ms. R. Madhuwanthi