The Values

At the Faculty of Business Studies there are seven Core Values ​​that form the basis of everything the Faculty does. They are:Excellence, Integrity, Equity & Equality, Responsiveness, Diffusion, Co-creation and Transparency and Accountability.

  • Excellence: we aspire to reach the highest standards of our staff and students to exploit their full potential.
  • Integrity: we maintain a set of professional and ethical standards in all we do.
  • Equity & Equality: we ensure equity and equality in all aspects and promoting diversity.
  • Responsiveness: we commit to be innovative and creative and contribute to the regional and national development.
  • Diffusion: we disseminate knowledge through learning, teaching, and research.
  • Co-creation: collaborative development of new values together with experts and/or stakeholders
  •  Transparency and Accountability: We demonstrate transparency and accountability to our stakeholders